Difference between Adobe Pro and AEM forms?



Need to complete some basic forms and i was wondering what the difference is between using Adobe Pro or AEM to create forms.

Is it easier to extract data with AEM?

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Hi @talvinder ,

I assume that by "Adobe Pro" you mean Adobe Acrobat Pro?

The difference is the following:

  • Adobe Acrobat Pro is a tool for reading, creating, converting, annotating, and formatting PDFs (among other things) on your desktop or mobile device.
  • AEM Forms is an entreprise-level module for Adobe Experience Manager, which lets you:
    • Create interactive forms to collect user input and use them on your website
    • Programmatically create or modify PDFs and other documents
    • Map form data to your business data
    • Apply a sophisticated AI to convert PDFs into forms and link the two
    • About a million other things

An Adobe Acrobat Pro license will set you back a few hundred dollars per year, AEM Forms is more like a few thousand. These are two different products for two different uses!

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