Dialog participant data persistence throughout all workflow stages.



I have an requirement where my dialog participant data should get persisted throughout the workflow stages ,for ex.  when requester is filling a dialog data form ,same data should go to next participant step so that it can be reviewed and approved or rejected.

I can read the data by using below code

List<HistoryItem> history = wksessioin.getHistory(item.getWorkflow());

     Iterator<HistoryItem> historyIterator = history.iterator();



     while (historyIterator.hasNext()) {

                previousHistoryItem = historyIterator.next();

                stepType = previousHistoryItem.getWorkItem().getMetaDataMap();


     //Set the Map that is used to pass values to other workflow steps


but I want same data to be available throughout all stages of workflow and should be visible to all approvers.

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