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I have a handful of components that are currently using acs-commons to store multifields as json. I've started moving the components away from acs-commons and I noticed that any change I make to an existing cq:dialog node makes the previous data irretrievable by the Touch UI Dialog when using the editor. Am I missing something to have this not happen? Or is there a way for me to convert the json stored to a node structure?

Please let me know if I have not explained well enough.


EDIT: I found this link and maybe it is what I should be using?
Dialog Conversion Tool

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Accepted Solutions (1)





The dialog conversion tool helps you to convert dialog from classic or/to coral2 to coarl3 UI.

It won't help you to recover content.

To get data populated when converting of Coarl2 multifield to Coarl3 multifield, you must convert JSON into nodes.

With the help of JCR API, you can parse JSON and create nodes where ever your content is used inside /content/site.

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