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Dear all,

We've been working on AEM 6.5 and wanted to understand how we can leverage the AEM to build/host mobile applications.

As far as I've read, here's what I've, till AEM 6.3, we could build mobile apps, under content service > apps. But from 6.4 onward, there is no such capability.

My questions:

- Is there a similar service where I can build and host a mobile app on AEM 6.5?

     (Note: Cannot find this path on 6.5 http://localhost:4502/aem/apps.html/content/phonegap)

- I've also learnt about phonegap, how can I get that added/deployed onto current freshly built AEM 6.5 instance?

     (Note: we do not have any pre-built apps on 6.1/6.3 so we need ideas on how to build apps on fresh 6.5 instance).

- I've also read on content fragments, how can we leverage the capability of these content fragments to host pages/content on mobile apps developed in different technologies?

Any help would be much appreciated.



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HSBC, Pune


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