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Dear All,

We have migrated to AEM 6.4 recently and as part of it we have done the repository restructuring. All the designs have moved to /apps/settings/wcm/desings/default from /etc/designs.


However, all the desings are storing under /libs/settings/wcm/desings/default instead of /apps. Generally, if /etc/designs does not exists, it should pick /apps this is not the case with me. 


How can i ensure the designs are picked/stored from /apps without using cq:designpath property?


Thanks you very much in advance.

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Accepted Solutions (1)





Restructuring guidance says -

  • For any Designs that are managed in SCM, and not written to at run-time via Design Dialogs.
  • Copy the designs from the Previous Location to the New Location ( /apps ).
  • Convert any CSS, JavaScript and static resources in the Design to a Client Library with allowProxy = true .
  • Update references to the Previous Location in the cq:designPath property.
  • Update any Pages referencing the Previous Location to use the new Client Library category (this requires updating Page implementation code).
  • Update AEM Dispatcher rules to allow serving of Client Libraries via the /etc.clientlibs/ proxy servlet.
  • For any Designs that NOT managed in SCM, and modified run-time via Design Dialogs
  • Do not move author-able Designs out of /etc .

To map dialog inside etc to apps dialog, you can use sling mapping, where /etc/design/yourpath redirect to /apps/settings/wcm/desings/default

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Answers (1)



I am also facing the same issue, did you find answer to the issue I have set the design property in the page to /apps path, however it still uses /libs