Delete empty tab nodes of page properties



Hello, Adobe Community,

We have one of custom tab included in page properties with some properties:


As we can see, all properties are empty on the screen but nodes in crx still exist:


m4w node - all properties which are located under tab "Web feed settings"
ads node - fieldset with properties under under tab "Web feed settings"

Properties have names like "./m4w/something" and "./m4w/ads/something".

Is there any beautiful way to delete nodes if all properties under some tab are empty or node doesn't have properties?
I tried typehints like "@Delete", but they did't help. And the problem is also that then we click "save & close" button on page properties page, it seems that it saves these nodes anyway.


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Answers (1)




Do you have any hidden properties in this tabs ? I was wondering why this is getting created in the first place when you have not authored anything yet. This can happen only if you have authored it once , and then it was left empty. So when the first time you authored , the nodes might have got created.