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Hello All,

OOTB whenever we upload/modify metadata for images, pdf etc version gets created but it doesn't happen in case of video. Can anyone help us understand why?

Moreover if I create a workflow with the step Create Version it works fine but if I add it to the DAM Update Asset (ffmpeg configured) it doesn't work fine. I have also checked that there is launcher as below :-


However even if I satisfy the condition dam:scene7FileStatus==NeedsReupload , versions are not creating , rest everything is working fine.

I am using AEM6.4

Please help us understand the working of the same.

Thanks & Regards

Ashish Ranjan

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hello Tuhin,

Thanks for the answer but I found the cause and solution to the above issue. Basically Asset Update Workflow is running and the metadata writeback step has the code to create versions and the configuration is maintained via the Ncomm XMP Handler.

So if we add the video format to com.day.cq.dam.core.impl.handler.xmp.NCommXMPHandler versions start getting created. Also this issue is not only with Videos but also xlsx, pptx etc, basically any format not mentioned in the supported formats.

Anyways thanks for your help.

Thanks & Regards

Ashish Ranjan

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Answers (1)




Can you validate, if the asset update workflow is triggered for videos as well and if this workflow is creating a version for it? If not, you can create your own workflow launcher, which is triggered on changes of video metadata. This launcher starts a workflow, which creates a version of the changed asset/video.

Taken from Jorg's reply on a similar post.

Automatic version creation of Videos in AEM DAM

Also see this below workflow has a condition jcr:content/jcr:mimeType!=video/.* -check if removing this helps?