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Dam update asset workflow event not getting fired


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In AEM 6.0, whenever the dam update asset workflow is run, an event is fired with the event.topic: "com/day/cq/workflow/event " and WorkFlowName as "DAM Update Asset". This can be seen in the event console(..system/console/events). But in 6.3, we don't see this event fired. A different event is fired instead with event.topic as "com/day/cq/dam" and type as "DAM_UPDATE_ASSET_WORKFLOW_COMPLETED". The same is not fired in 6.0.

Is this expected ? Or it's a bug in 6.3?

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In 6.3 transient workflow is introduced and update asset workflow is transient OOTB.

Standard workflows save runtime (history) information during their execution. You can also define a workflow model as Transient to avoid such history being persisted. This is used for performance tuning as it saves/avoids the time/resources used for persisting the information.

So the behavior is different in 6.3 than 6.0 and is expected.

DAM_UPDATE_ASSET_WORKFLOW_COMPLETED is internal event for Assets UI.

You can make workflow non-transient from workflow UI to get previous behavior.




It was added in AEM 6.3. See com.day.cq.dam.api.DamEvent.Type

This event type represents completion of DAM update asset workflow.

Reference post:-

Kautuk Sahni