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Customizing Geometrixx Media Forum Component generating a content node if the default resource type social/forum/components/hbs/tpic


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Hi All,

I have tried to customize the forum component and have copied the forum component in geometrixx media components to my local instance and tried to register the copied scf component with the new name from the below to my custom values

 SCF.registerComponent('geometrixx-media/components/social/forum/components/hbs/post', SCF.Post, SCF.PostView);
 SCF.registerComponent('geometrixx-media/components/social/forum/components/hbs/topic', SCF.Topic, GMTopicView);
SCF.registerComponent('geometrixx-media/components/social/forum/components/hbs/forum', SCF.Forum, GMForumView);


 SCF.registerComponent('ravi/components/social/forum/components/hbs/post', SCF.Post, SCF.PostView);
 SCF.registerComponent('ravi/components/social/forum/components/hbs/topic', SCF.Topic, GMTopicView);
SCF.registerComponent('ravicomponents/social/forum/components/hbs/forum', SCF.Forum, GMForumView);

I have updated all the data-scf-component in my new component accordingly and everything works fine except the new topic node that is created under content/user-generated

For Geometrixx it is of the type -- geometrixx-media/components/social/forum/components/hbs/topic

For my component it is the default type -------social/forum/components/hbs/topic which is resulting in the loss of my custom template changes

Has anyone faced a similar issue before? Any help is appreciated.



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