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Customized Content fragment model in new Editor does not work.


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I have followed this tutorial https://experience-aem.blogspot.com/2022/05/aem-6512-content-fragment-editor-composite-multifield-vi... 


and was able to achieve composite multifield, however when we try to login to aem from the cloud and try the new editor for content fragment, the composite multifield does not work and starts working as normal multifield. any idea or how to start fixing this issue or how to customize new editor within aem leads will be much appreciated as the new editor for content fragment documentation is extremely lacking on the internet


Thank you,.

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@soufianeak We have also faced similar issue in our project. I think the only solution at this point would be to raise a bug ticket with Adobe and see if they can help. Mostly for customized solution they wont be able to help, but since this is a common requirement , they can incorporate custom multifield in Content Fragments in future releases.