Customize / Overlay AEM 6.4 Inbox screen



In the inbox screen (/aem/inbox) of AEM 6.4, only the title of the workflow item is visible.


To get a better user experience, it would be great to show the title of the page in the screen as well.

With an overlay of the inbox, this would be possible, indeed. But since the content classification in AEM 6.4, it is not recommended anymore to overlay this node.


Are there any recommendations?

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Hi Peter

Thanks a lot for your worthful response. I totally agree that this should be addressed via CR at Adobe. The downside of this will be the time. If Adobe accepts the change, it will take quite a time, until it will be available. And as it is a CR, it might be possible that they only will introduce the new feature in the upcoming (minor) release.

We'll see how important this feature will be for our customer and then decide, wich option we'll choose.