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Customization | HeavyMoveDialog.js to be converted to aem6.4


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Can anyone help on the below customization :

We are upgrading from Classic UI (AEM 6.2 version) to Touch UI (AEM 6.4 version) in our project. We have to identify where is HeavyMoveDialog.js used in Touch UI, where we are using in Touch functionality, and how can we do the customization ??

How can we do customization on HeavyMoveDialog.js on Touch UI AEM 6.4 version.

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Touch Ui is different from Ext Js, everything  defined in page.

you can find move page properties in /libs/wcm/core/content/sites/movepagewizard



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What are you trying to do in Touch UI. A bad approach to learn how to work with Touch UI and Granite API is to try and port Classic UI JS to TOuch UI.  Better to learn Granite APIs and how to build TOuch UI Components.