Custom workflow to publish multiple pages to intermediate publish instance and send E-mail notification to approver



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I have a requirement to create a custom workflow to replicate multiple pages into preview publisher instance. Below is the use case, 


1) Content author will work on multiple pages/Assets like,(/content/we-retail/en/home,/content/we-retail/en/home/about-us,/content/we-retail/en/home/contact-us, /content/we-retail/en/home/faq). Once the author completes the updates, he will be copying all the page URLs which he worked and pasted in some placeholder (It can be a separate page or separate component to just paste the URLs and start the workflow).

2) Once the workflow started, the workflow should get the list of URLs and replicate to the preview publisher instance and send the notification mail to content-approvers with the preview publisher URLs.

3) If approver approves the pages and completes the workflow then the list of the pages should replicate to the actual publisher instance.

4) During this workflow start and end, the list of pages(step-1) should be locked.

5) Once the workflow completes, then the pages should be unlocked.


Need suggestions on the below things:

1) I'm planning to use a workflow package to achieve this requirement, but how can I get the list of pages in the payload? shall we able to get multiple pages in Payload?

2) As I mentioned in step-2, how can I send the email notification to approver? any OOTB mail service is there? or I should go with the custom one? any examples?

3) In my custom workflow, is it possible to replicate the content to a specific publisher agent (In case if I have multiple publishers agents)?

4) How the instances connection should be? It can be one to one? Like Author->preview publisher->publisher. or both the publishers should be connected to the author?


FYI- I'm using AEM 6.4 & classic UI

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi @vijays80591732 ,


There could be multiple ways to achieve it. 

1. I would prefer workflow launcher to trigger my workflow as soon as the page is being modified. Using this method u need not to copy paste the url of modified pages in to separate page.(


2. for taking the approval from approves group use Dynamic Participate Step and send inbox notification and mail both .(


3.For publishing the page.Use Active/page Asset component in workflow.


4.For locking and unlocking the page check any OOTB component is available if not then you can use   process step component and customise it create your own process to lock and unlock the page(


5.U can create your own replication agents to publish the page to specific publishers.

6.Check this thread(Kautuk Comment) for one author and multiple publish instance(


There could be other ways to achieve it. See which one fits for your requirement.


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