custom Workflow instance are in running state even after completion of workflow




I have custom workflow that is launched on asset creation. Though the workflow is completed i could still see it in instances.


When i open the history i could see that the workflow is completed.


Can you please let me know why is the workflow instance still in running status? Do i need to manually terminate them or do i need to include termination related code in custom workflow?

Arun Patidar​ / smacdonald2008​ Can you please help me out on this ? I'm using AEM 6.4 version.

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Answers (8)



Thank you for ur input Arun Patidar

I have already written the code to update the value. My question is

Since Status field value gets changed only by the workflow and shouldnot edited manually by the user i have added "disable edit" rule on the field. But now the workflow is not able to update the value. How do i make this field readonly in the UI but editable byt the workflow?




check below ECMA reference code:

var workflowData = workItem.getWorkflowData();

if (workflowData.getPayloadType() == "JCR_PATH") {

    var path = workflowData.getPayload().toString();

    var jcrsession = workflowSession.getSession();

    var node = jcrsession.getNode(path);

    if (node.hasProperty("status")){

            node.setProperty("status", "new Status");






Hi Arun Patidar,

I'm now facing a different issue.

I have a metadata field name status, based on some conditions im changing the status value in the custom workflow code.

The workflow is not able to update the value of the field if rule set on field is disable edit.

I dont want user to manually edit this value, so i'm disabling it . Only workflow should be able to update the value.

What am i missing here?  If the field is in editable state the workflow is able to edit the value.

Can you please let me know what am i missing here?



hi Arun,

In custom workflow , in the process step there is a check box named advance handler. i have checked it and now the workflow is not available in instances after completion.

Arun Patidar



Hi @jbrar,

Do i need to add this step as the last step in my custom workflow ?

If so i have added it and it makes no difference.

Can you please let me know how to add completion step to custom workflow?