Custom multifield in page properties not working as expected in classic UI( AEM 6.4 version)

rajup64088879 02-06-2019

We are using custom multi field(multicompositefield) in page properties which saving the values as child node, able to add the values in dialog and those are saving fine, but when we open the dialog, the values are not getting populated in the dialog. The dialog is working fine when it is added as component dialog, issue happening when only the dialog is part of page properties, please suggest how to resolve this issue in classic UI.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

rajup64088879 04-06-2019

If we open the page properties, "page-path/jcr:content.1.json" request is going and its taking the node values with first level, the multicompositefield values are stored in inner levels, due to that those values are not getting populated in the dialog.

we can overcome this behavior by changing the constant CQ.PAGE_PROPERTIES_MAX_RECURSION_LEVEL value,this constant value controls the maximum depth of the node subtree under the page /jcr:content node, this can be change by overlaying the constants.js(/libs/cq/ui/widgets/source/constants.js) file.

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