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Hello All,

I have created one maven arche type project in AEM 6.4

but now I am trying to import my custom fonts but it is not visible in my site

This is my folder structure

Screenshot (66).png

and Inside main.less I have import oswal-font.less file

Please, Help me with this

Thank you 🙂

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Did you specify correct path in main.less?

check WKND/We-Retail code for reference -

/apps/wknd/clientlibs/clientlib-site/less/wkndicons.less -

     @icon-font-path:          "../resources/";    // 'resource' in your case at parent level

     src: url('@{icon-font-path}@{app-icon-font-name}.eot');

Getting Started with AEM Sites Chapter 3 - Client-Side Libraries and Responsive Grid

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Answers (1)



Hi, I'm using Aem 6.5 version and I'm trying to add customs fonts, I created a cq:clientLibraryFolder as said in 3 - Client-Side Libraries

but i can't see my fonts on the page, how can i add the fonts on my project?