Custom Components suddenly not appearing in Page Editor (Coral Is not defined)




Hey so I was editing and changing my stuff without issue. I came back the following day and suddenly was able to drop in my components into the SPA editor. I checked the console and started seeing this..


I'm using React with the aem-archetype and AEM 6.5.5 with the solr+http2 packages. My normal text component works fine, but everything else is failing


I have reinstalled everything. I have been updating cq:dialogs and models without issue beforehand with maven install and deploying the changes to my local running AEM. No matter what I reinstall or recheckout I still get the above issue.


The above to me looks like a missing dependency?




added the required depencies to the page policy and that seems to have resolved it



However this has not fixed my problem, I am now getting this message



AEM 6.5 foundations SPA Editor UI

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