CUG login not working on publish server after restart



We have configured CUG for certain pages in our site and configured a login page to which all the unauthenticated requests should be redirected to. After restarting our AEM 6.3  SP2 publish server, the login for CUG protected sites is no longer working.When we hit the secure page, the publish server returns a 404.Any ideas what could be the problem?

Answers (4)

Answers (4)



What are the log messages for this? Seem very wierd that it works and stops working when you restart the service.

Also - make sure that the CUG is properly setup and all of the files are located on the server - such as the login page.




Could you share the relevant logs?

Did you check all required configurations and ACLs are intact?

Did this behavior happen as a result of any update/patch?