css from different clientlibs are getting added to a page



Hi All,

i am facing an issue with the clientlibs in AEM 6.1.

The CSS files from multiple other clientlibs of different templates are getting added to a single template/page when rendering.

I have checked the categories and the css.txt is using the correct folder name #base=css, but i couldn't able to find the issue.

Can someone help me on what all i need to check for this issue?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Check the Dependencies and embedd property of clientlibs folder:

  • dependencies: This is a list of other client library categories on which this library folder depends. For example, given two cq:ClientLibraryFolder nodes F and G, if a file in F requires another file in G in order to function properly, then at least one of the categories of G should be among the dependencies of F.
  • embed: Used to embed code from other libraries. If node F embeds nodes G and H, the resulting HTML will be a concentration of content from nodes G and H.

Any categories mentioned in the dependencies will trigger an extra call to other clientlibs

[1] Using Client-Side Libraries

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