CSRF token call giving empty response in AEM publish



I am using CSRF token header in post form submission. In author instance, I am able to get CSRF token through call to /libs/granite/csrf/token.json but same call in publish instance is giving empty json i.e. { } when I am accessing it an anonymous user. Please let me know if there are any step to get valid CSRF token publish instance.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi @nitinfuture ,


CSRF is meant to protect authenticated sessions. The basic idea is: the server provides a CSRF token to the client for all authenticated sessions. The client should pass the same CSRF token to the server with each subsequent request. So if a request came without the token, the server should ignore / log it. Your CSRF token should ideally only be passed to the client upon authentication.




Screenshot 2020-08-21 at 00.15.52.png

However, you can make an AJAX request to the CSRF token endpoint (/libs/granite/csrf/token.json), and include the returned token in your servlet request as the “CSRF-Token” header. Please add below mentioned configurations in your dispatcher:


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