[CRXDE] '.json' file extension is cut off after copying files



Hello, AEM Community

I have the issue of cutting off ".json" extension of JSON-files after copy and paste in CRXDE Lite.

Scenario to reproduce:

  1) Open CRXDE, create file in any folder - "any.json". Click save all.

  2) Copy and paste this file in any folder.

  3) Refresh the page.

Pasted file was before refreshing page:


Pasted file after refreshing page:


  There are the same properties of jcr:content-node under file ("app/json"-mimeType both). With other extensions it works fine. We use AEM 6.3. Is it a bug?

I've talked with my colleagues - they have the same issue. It it the problem in Sling Post Servlet?

Although AEM 6.4 works fine.