Creation of a page using hobbes framework




I was trying the AEM automation framework for authoring the content. its amazing but i have a query that "Is it possible to create the page using hobbes ?"

I tried finding out the article but couldn't get the information about it . Please help me out knowing whether the same is possible or not ? If yes how we can achieve it ?







As Kautuk pointed out - that is for testing AEM content - not for building pages.

Testing Your UI

If you want to use an API to build pages - then use the API that AEM exposes- the page manager API. For details - see:

Adobe Experience Manager Help | Creating an Experience Manager 6.3 Page using the Page Manager API

Hope this helps...




smacdonald2008​ (and ranjnak64657715​) I came to the forum with a similar question.  Are pages not content?

I've started writing Hobbes tests to check custom authoring components work when added to an AEM page in the authoring but my first set of actions is to create a new page to drop components onto.


  1. navigate to http://localhost:4502/sites.html/content/
  2. select the site
  3. click on Create...
  4. click on Page

etc etc.

This sounds straight forward and achievable except when i click on the Create > Page anchor, i'm navigated to the create page but with no templates to choose from    Presumably the anchor's href "/mnt/overlay/wcm/core/content/sites/createpagewizard.html/content", needs additional parts appending to it that is done when executing a mouse click (and coral libraries doing their thing) but not in code via

I could ask the question again to the wider forum but this reply How to create and author components using Hobbes? makes me think perhaps there is some confusion about the capabilities/ limitations of Hobbes.js (?)