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Creating a Custom YAML file for the Access Control Tool | AEM Community Blog Seeding




Creating a Custom YAML file for the Access Control Tool by Diana Henrickson


In my previous post I talked about how to add service users to the YAML file exported by the AC Tool. But what if you want to do something else that isn’t currently possible without a recompile?
There may be many reasons to create a custom file, the reason I did it was to include my groups’ members in the YAML output so that I can manage group memberships (whenever I choose to).

What is a YAML File
YAML files aren’t as common in JAVA projects. So, for many of us, we just haven’t had much need to use them. Put simply, a YAML file is just a text-indent formatted file. The amount of indention on an entry dictates its placement in the hierarchy.

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Creating a Custom YAML file for the Access Control Tool


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Kautuk Sahni

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Hi @kautuk_sahni 

In my project we are also creating service user by implementing yaml file. But there is one problem which i am facing here. I have clonned my repo in  my local, imported it in eclipse and then run mvn -Pautoinstall command.

This was successfull but inspite of that i am not able to see the service users in my local AEM(useradmin console). The service-users.yaml file is located inside ui.apps folder of my repo so i have run the mvn install command again for only this folder which also got successfull but still i am not able to see the users. Could you please tell where i am doing wrong. Is there any dependency file needed to load it in local AEM?

Location of service-users.yaml file in my repo:- C:\Users\UX172654\Documents\Code-Base1\aem.infra-core\ui.apps\src\main\content\jcr_root\apps\infra-core\acl-config\retail\config.ret