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Do we have an OOTB feature to convert AEM page into PDF?. Users who access AEM page can click on a button to download current page as PDF. 

I am going through PDFBOX api, but not sure if I can create pdf out of AEM page.



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We have an older community artilce for AEM 5.x that shows how to use PDFBOX API.

Scott's Digital Community: Creating a custom Adobe Experience Manager PDF service

But to convert a page - you would need to read the HTML of the page under /content and then use that HTML as the content to convert to the PDF. We do not have an example of that.

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Answers (4)



The only PDF generator on the market today is XpGenerator.  It is offered by my company Xpediant Digital.  It is a full function tool that can:

1.  Create pdf's of individual pages or an entire site

2.  Can automatically generate pdf's for desktop, tablet, and mobile

3.  Can be configured to mimic javascript commands to simulate opening tabs, carousels, and expand accordions

4.  The interface is immediately familiar - as it functions completely within your AEM instance

5.  Gives you flexibility in output - individual page pdf's or complete site files

6.  Custom coversheets to make archiving easy

Let me know if you'd like to take a look or hear more.

Greg McGee - Vice President of Digital Transformation

612 845 0860



I do not think there is an OOTB feature that converts a AEM Page to PDF. You would have to build a custom service that reads the HTML of the page and port it to a PDF using a library like PDF BOX API.