cq decoration tag causing problems while moving to touch UI








I am trying to make my pages work in touchUI.Currently they work fine in classic UI.

Each authored label in our case is an instance of either global-text component or global-rte component.

And wherever its value needs to be fetched its done by sling:include above said component.

so in jsp we set a request scope variable with that value.

Further we pass it on to javscript variable like below


var myLabel=${jspVariable}


Now when I open page in touchUI - page breaks and there are errors in console which suggest JS is breaking at that assignment mentioned above.

because ${jspVariable} is coming out as 'Chat Now<!--cq{"decorated":false,"type":"myCompany/components/elements/global/global-text","path":"/content/myCompany-com/usa/en/admin/global-labels-framework/jcr:content/pdp-alert-chat-copy",

"selectors":"markup","servlet":"Script /apps/myCompany/components/elements/global/global-text/markup.jsp","totalTime":0,"selfTime":0}-->',

Where as it should actually be 'Chat Now'.

We already have <% slingRequest.setAttribute(ComponentContext.BYPASS_COMPONENT_HANDLING_ON_INCLUDE_ATTRIBUTE, true); %> in place .

PS: Rewriting all the scripts in HTL is not an option because that would mean tremendous amount of rework.

Thanks in advance ..Any pointers will help!!