Could not save profile data while submitting the Campaign Form date



I am very new to the Campaigns, as part of POC we are doing the profiles update in Campain from AEM to campaign.

while trying to save the profile date I am seeing this exception.

Could not save profile data.

Cannot serve request to /content/mso/my--email-profile.html in

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Thanks In advance

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Hi thank you.

I checked my jcr, and it seems to be correct. The form end is after all text fields.

Can you please tell me how to enable Debug log level for the campaign logger, and how i see the campaign los? I am new to campaign, too.



Hi, I am able to resolve this.

I had a form issue which is form End is supposed to be after the form fields.. in my case in jcr:content it is next to the form start. Once I have updated my firm I can be able to submit the form.

Enable the DEBUG log level for the campaign logger. That will gives more details of the problem.




Hi I have the same Problem.

I successfully connected AEM 6.4 with my Adobe Campaign Standard Sandbox.

I built the form according to GitHub - Adobe-Marketing-Cloud/aem-adobecampaign-forms-sample: Sample Adobe Campaign Form Page Templ...

When I try to save a profile I get the following Log:

02.05.2019 11:16:21.002 *INFO* [ [1556788580821] POST /content/we-retail/forms/subscribe-newsletter-acs.html HTTP/1.1] Requested: /jssp/nms/amcStoreProfile.jssp - data: encryptedPK=&key=email&keyValue=&data={"lastName":"Test1","email":"","firstName":"Form1"}&insert=true&mapping=profile&resource=profile&__sessiontoken=***

02.05.2019 11:16:21.003 *ERROR* [ [1556788580821] POST /content/we-retail/forms/subscribe-newsletter-acs.html HTTP/1.1] Could not save profile data Unexpected status code (expected 200, was 500)