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Could not find wsdl:binding operation info for web method


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I'm unable to make JAXWS web-service in AEM 6.5. I followed this which says that this is due to cfx being removed in 6.5. As per the document, i have

  1. Installed the cfx bundle provided in the article.
  2. Removed the 
    entries from cxf-rt-frontend-jaxws-3.2.0 jar manifest file.
  3.  Added the below dependency in the core bundle
But still i'm unable to make the call.
Below is which i'm getting while making the jaxws call after step 1.
javax.xml.ws.WebServiceException: Could not find wsdl:binding operation info for web method <method>.
at org.apache.cxf.jaxws.JaxWsClientProxy.invoke(JaxWsClientProxy.java:128)

So the article says the above issue might happen in some cases and step 2 and 3 might resolve it. But after follow step 2 and 3 i'm getting a different error. Below is the error after step 3.

javax.xml.ws.spi.FactoryFinder$ConfigurationError: Provider org.apache.cxf.jaxws.spi.ProviderImpl not found
at javax.xml.ws.spi.FactoryFinder$2.run(FactoryFinder.java:143)
at javax.xml.ws.spi.FactoryFinder.doPrivileged(FactoryFinder.java:251)
at javax.xml.ws.spi.FactoryFinder.newInstance(FactoryFinder.java:138)
at javax.xml.ws.spi.FactoryFinder.access$300(FactoryFinder.java:44)
at javax.xml.ws.spi.FactoryFinder$3.run(FactoryFinder.java:242)
at javax.xml.ws.spi.FactoryFinder.doPrivileged(FactoryFinder.java:251)
at javax.xml.ws.spi.FactoryFinder.find(FactoryFinder.java:174)
at javax.xml.ws.spi.Provider.provider(Provider.java:43)

 Would really appreciate anyone's help in resolving this issue. Thanks in advance.

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