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I am working on rebuilding a site that was originally set up in 6.3. I've run into an issue with the Search feature where it's only searching the metadata for the page and not including the Content Fragments in the search. I've overlaid the Search and Content Fragment components from the Core Components bundle.


On our 6.3 instance, search is returning pages based on Content Fragment content but it is not on our 6.5 instance. The original site was built roughly 3 years ago, and I don't know if any configs were changed to enable search of CFs in pages for the results. 


I don't believe any modifications were made to the Oak Index. From what I've compared, things look the same on both instances. 


If there's an easy way to enable the core Search component to include searching the page Content Fragments, it would be hugely helpful.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Have you enabled debug logs for all the below apis , if not yet can you please do that. DEBUG logging configuration can be added for the following packages, write a separate log file. 





After this, you can run a search both in working [6.3] and non-working [6.5] instance. This way, we can find out if anything is changed, and which particular index is being utilized in both the cases and the query triggering in the backend as well.

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