Copy Assets from One environment to another environment.



Hi Team,

Your help is highly appreaciated here.

I want to copy assets (more then 200GB of size) from one environment to another environemnt. Lets say Pre prod to Development. Is there a better way to do this without affecting the performance of source enviornemnt?

Thanks in Advance.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


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Here is the way: Assets Migration Guide

//There are two tools that are recommended for moving assets from one AEM instance to another:

  • Vault Remote Copy, or vlt rcp, allows you to use vlt across a network. You can specify a source and destination directory and vlt downloads all repository data from one instance and loads it into the other. Vlt rcp is documented at
  • Grabbit is an open-source content synchronization tool that was developed by Time Warner Cable for their AEM implementation. Because it uses continuous data streams, in comparison to vlt rcp, it has a lower latency and claims a speed improvement of two to ten times faster than vlt rcp. Grabbit also supports synchronization of delta content only, which allows it to sync changes after an initial migration pass has been completed.