Converting textfeild to richText in Touch UI (AEM 6.5) , error in console



In AEM 6.5  touch UI dailog box , we have a textfeild which have to be converted to rich text field. The steps i followed are as follows :

  1. Navigate to '/libs/foundation/components/text/cq:dialog/content/items/text/items/column/items/text'
  2. Copy the 'sling:resourceType' property and paste this value in the to be converted text node property .
  3. Copy the folders under the '/libs/foundation/components/text/cq:dialog/content/items/text/items/column/items/text' path . ie, 'rtePlugins' and 'uiSettings' , and the paste the nodes to the above to be converted text node.(img_2)
  4. On opening the dailogbox in touch UI the field is converted to rich text, but i am not able to hyperlink. The field is not clickable. There is an error in console.Have attached the screenshot(<img_1>)
    <img_1>The error in console<img_1>The error in console

What can be the issue? 

AEM 6.5 ootb RTE RTE Hyperlink issue

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Are you facing the issue only for this field or all the RTE is not editable for links.

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