Content sync in AEM 6.4



Hi, is there any tool or method through which i can sync my assets or content from one server to another server in AEM 6.4?.

Content size approx 10 GB.

Any suggestion will be highly appreciable.

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Have you looked at Grabbit? GitHub - TWCable/grabbit: Grabbit - Fast Content Sync tool for AEM/CQ

I work with the group that created it at TWC.  It hasn't been updated in a while but still works well.  We run it daily to keep our UAT environment in sync with production.  Very helpful




You could split the content into multiple packages... But of course grabit would be better.

You could also use crx2oak to extract content from one repo and import it into another ( ); although I am not 100% sure if that's fully supported, you can give it a try and experiment with it.




Hi @Jorg Hos, thanks for your reply,

In my case there are huge amount of data, which need to be sync with other AEM instance, so creating package, uploading and installing is time taken process, and some times packages does not create for large data.

I am looking for different solution like garbbit, since grabbit does not support in AEM 6.4.

Thank you !!