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Content Reports on AEM


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Hi everyone:

I'm trying to get reports for my Content Producers on elements like: the title/description of each page in the site OR the different uses of a specific component on the site OR the metadata associated to each image on the DAM (e.g.: the title, description, location). The objective is being able to monitor the content entry process, since we have different resources working on different sections of the site.

In general, I was able to get my way around the first two (the pages report and the components one) "tweaking" the BulkEditor functionality and I setting up the columns and parameters I needed. So far it worked, but now I need to create more complex ones based on relations between pages, or the metadata on images, and I have no clue on how to query those nodes in BulkEditor (e.g.: being able to pick ONLY the metadata node inside of each image in the DAM).

Is there a reports functionality/tool/plugin for CONTENT reporting? I have seen posts about page views, or assets last modification, or other reports, but none of them will give me details on actual values entered by the author on the pages.

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You are looking to capture details such as what modifications an author did on a specific page?


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First thing you need to do is the nodes in the AEM JCR that contains properties that you want to include in your report. In this use case - what nodes and props are you thinking about including?


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Hi sergio r,

  You need to custom build & does not come out of the box.