Content path in pathfield/pathbrowser is not working in AEM Publish although content path valid



Im authoring the content path in pathfield in my author instance which is a valid content path.
After publishing, in publish instance its not rendering to that html content page after I click the link.
When I observed its due to the .html is not appending in the content path.

  • I don't want to add .html in my component as we have huge number of components to change.
  • I want to handle in AEM itself and I don't want to use apache rewrite url to append .html.
  • I have gone through etc/map but I'm not sure how to use it to perform the .html getting appended in the content path.

Kindly pour in your thoughts. I need some quick fix for this to work.


AEM aem6.5 pathfield problem

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hello @samsundar23,

You can do the following to achieve this:
Create a mapping in /etc/map/http of your AEM publish with below node and properties:



This will ensure it will work with both paths with .html extension and paths without .html extension.


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