Content Fragment Models and Entity Relationships ( Headless Content )




How do we build Complex Content Types inside of an Content Fragment that is based of a model?  Above is the example.


For Example : 

My Content Fragment needs to have a 


Image, CTA ( Button ) and bulleted list of text.


I visualize this as a complex content type that is based of 3 models.


Image is an object which has altText, image url

Button is an object that has text, link, title, opensInNewTab


My TextImage Content Fragment that contains Image and Button. I feel there is no easy way to model complex content types and they have to be flat all the time. Attaching the simple ER diagram.




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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi @sanjeevkumart45,

Content fragments are content-centric wherein content is in the form of Structured text (structured via form based elements) and image references. 

Given this, having Button (CTA) is like an experience(not to be thought of as a complex content type) and can be part of experience fragment which is composed of AEM components  (Presentation-centric)


Hi @sanjeevkumart45,

You can use Experience fragments as well for headless CMS use case. 

Please check the below link which explains the complete list of possible use cases of when an experience fragment can be used



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