Content Distribution from one Publish Instance to other publish instance and author instance

nileshdchavan 11-10-2018

Hello, I'm looking to synch the content between my publish instances and also the author instance. I believe the Sling Content Distribution (SCD) model can be used. I referred to the user/groups sync article @ User Synchronization and

By content, i'm looking for content pages, tags or it could be assets as well.  i have done the configurations listed @ I understand we need to create a listener for polling the change on the particular node (/content/cq:tags or /content/mysite or /content/dam/mysite) and then call the distribution API for triggering actual content distribution. Any idea how the distribution API needs to be called within this listeners? I did not find any documentation around sample use case where this type of sync is done by calling Distribution API. Can you provide suggestion/steps/samples? Any other configurations needs to be done?

Has anyone implemented the content/asset sync in their project. Any help on this is much appreciated. Thank you.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


In theory, you can distribute any type of node via Sling User Synchroimniztaion service. For that you need simply ad a type of a node into "AEM Communities User Sync Listener":


You need to keep in mind, that

-  Sling User Synchroimniztaion meant to sync between publish instances; the common use case is sync of a user created on a one publish to all other publish AEM in a publish farm.

- It uses the author for communication, however, it does not replicate content from publish to author. For that, you need to set a reverse replication

- What is your use case so you need to create "content/cq:tags or /content/mysite or /content/dam/mysite" on publish? I believe that you will create those on author and hence you should employ a standard replication process.