Component Instances Report: Need component and count of those across content tree



I need a report which would list


Component 1: 45

Component 2: 78

Component 3: 87


Where these are <component>:<instances>


There is a acs commons component instances report, but that is per component. What query/report should I use to get this kind of data as output?


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Accepted Solutions (1)




You can write a custom logic using JCR API to get the count of the component.

If you want to find the components, then get the list of component names from apps and write a search query for each of the component name. Just a simple JCR Query that would find items containing property jcr:primaryType being cq:Component within /content would work. Depending on what the content structure of your site is, the following XPath query can be used:


would get you the number of all components in the mysite content tree.




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Answers (1)



Query builder or xpath or sql2 is not as flexible as RDBMS  SQL . As far as i know with a single query we cannot get what your are expecting . Only way is get at the component level using a simple query-builder or sql2 query.