Communities Groups Role Inheritance

dougp75058276 18-07-2018

I am looking for ideas or guidance on how I could tackle this task.  I am new to AEM and a bit stumped on this one.  When you create communities sites or sub-groups (sub-sites) and publish them the application automatically creates various roles for you on the publish side - Community [sitename] [groupname] Members, Community [sitename] [groupname] Moderators, Community [sitename] [groupname] Managers, etc. 

What I would like to do is have the system add the new Community [sitename] [groupname] Moderators group as a member to the site-wide Community Moderators group automatically.  Any ideas how I could develop something or set it up so when a community subgroup is published, it automatically establishes that group inheritance? The reason behind this is that certain moderator functions in a sub-group such as moving library files requires the user to be in both roles.  We have a ton of communities so adding them manually each time is more steps than our end users desire.

Workflow?  JCR watch service?

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