com.adobe.granite.crxde-lite reinstall in publisher

msina 06-11-2018


Recently we observed com.adobe.granite.crxde-lite bundle is not present/got deleted in publisher node.Due to this reason we are not able to login to http://localhost:4503/crx/de

Do you know how to reinstall the bundle in publisher nodes.

The same bundle present in author node.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


Try the following actions:

1. On author log into OSGi /system/console/bundles.

2. Type CRX in the search field and click Apply filter 1616250_pastedImage_0.png

3. Most likely Adobe Granite CRXDE Lite com.adobe.granite.crxde-lite bundle is missing, however, you can do the same search on Publish and compare the result to indetify the difference.

4. Note Adobe Granite CRXDE bundle ID, in my sample, it is 222.

5. On your AEM author navigate to /crx-quickstart/launchpad/felix/bundle222 /AEM64/author/crx-quickstart/launchpad/felix/bundle222/version0.0

6. Deploy bundle.jar to AEM publish via /system/console/bundles -> Install/Update...


Answers (4)

Answers (4)

Cedric_LATIMIER 07-11-2018

Hi Sina,

If you have access to /system/console/bundles on the publisher, the solution would be to retrieve the bundle from the author instance and to manually install it on the publisher.

To retrieve the bundle, you can search for "com.adobe.granite.crxde-lite" using crx/de on the author, and create a package with its path (usually something like /libs/system/<version of aem>/install/com.adobe.granite.crxde-lite<version of bundle> )

Building and downloading the package, you will have the bundle in the archive file generated.
Uncompress it and manually install it through /system/console/bundles on the publisher.
The access to crx-de should be good.