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Cluster Configuration in AEM6.1


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Hi All,

Hope you are doing well !!

Please suggest me best approach for my below requirement -

For staging authoring environments, We have two seperate machine say M1 & M2.

On both M1 & M2, we have installed aem author instance say M1-A1 & M2-A2.

1st Author Instance -   M1-A1

2nd Author Instance - M2-A2

I want to keep both the instances in Sync.

So if some malfunctioning happened on one Master instance , other should be there to serve the purpose of authoring.

Also, if one author instance faces more load so that other instance can come up to serve. (kind of load balancing).

Please assist.

Thank you in advance.

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We have a Ask the AEM Community Experts session that covers this topic -- Scott's Digital Community: Comparative Architecture Analysis of large scale Experience Manager Insta...

THey cover various AEM layouts and how it works within a companies network.