Cloud Service SDK in repo under wrong URL



Hello, I've tried to add deppendency to gradle project, following this instructions:

In those instructions, dependency is defined for maven:


so corresponding Gradle dependency will be:

"compileOnly"( "com.adobe.aem:aem-sdk-api:2020.04.2937.20200416T210948Z-200409")

But Gradle cannot find it. 


This package exist under URL

Yet in POM.xml of that package, groupID is defined as



When I downloaded this package and manually added it to my local .m2 folder, recreating directory structure and putting it under


Gradle throws me an error, that "inconsistent module matadata found"

Errors: bad group: expected='com.adobe.aem' found='com.adobe.sdk'


Am I missing something? Is that Cloud Service SDK is in correct place?

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