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We have a project using the frontend module and we are using few resources for fonts. I see that they are in the dist folder but when clientlib generator moves the libs to ui.apps only css and js are being moved. I do see the config for clientlib.config.js which has the resources configured in there. did anyone see this issue before?




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Accepted Solutions (1)




@Sandy91 here's how the flow should be like:

  1. run: webpack build prod  
  2. webpack transforms and builds the code, then minifies the css and js files and stores it directly into the DIST folder (configured by the webpack config).ou 
  3. next, webpack invokes the clientlib-generator (using the clientlib.config.js) which copies files from the DIST folder to the destination clientlibs folder into the ui.apps maven module (example: /apps/my-site/clientlibs/frontend-clientlib).
  4. done.
  5. Now you can use your maven skills to deploy the code into your AEM instance. Once deployed, your front-end code can be accessed from /etc.clientlibs/my-site/clientlibs/frontend-clientlib.css|js

Of course, all this can be automated when you are utilising the maven front-end plugin.

Look at the latest AEM Maven archetype project's example of how they've implemented "mvn build" automation with the front-end project. Running the build and deploy maven command will utilise the maven front-end plugin, which will automate the initiation of the webpack build command, and finally deploy ui.apps, and all necessary maven modules directly into your AEM environment. ,

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