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Hi Experts,


Is it not possible to intercept a URL ( that is whitelisted for anonymous usage through "Apache Sling Authentication Service" configuration ) in AEM's Sling Filter and change it's User session ?


I'm trying to implement it with HttpServletRequestWrapper by adding a valid basic authorization token to request header. But, as I do requestWrapper.getUserPrincipal().getName().toString(), is still returning "anonymous" user. Any idea?

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Accepted Solutions (1)





Is my understanding correct that based on certain criteria you want to switch an anonymous session into an authenticated session of a different user?

Technically it should be possible (wrap the HttpRequest and inject a different session), but that's a lot of of work to make it right in all circumstances.


What do you want to achieve with that? I am quite sure that there might be a simpler way to solve your requirement.



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