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I found in MSM my live copy was attached the the wrong blue print.  Is there anyway i can detach it and re-attach it to the correct blueprint?  Or can i change its source page?


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Accepted Solutions (1)




You have to change the path in cq:master property  in cq:LiveSyncConfig

Those pages will have a cq:LiveSyncConfig child node of type cq:LiveCopy that will contain basic and mandatory information on the Livecopy through the following properties:

cq:master : points to the Blueprint page of the Livecopy
cq:rolloutConfigs : indicates active Rollout Configurations applied on the Livecopy
cq:isDeep : is true if the child pages of this root Livecopy page are included in the Livecopy.

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Answers (4)



I do see it is linked when I try to view properties from blueprint. When I do a rollout I see rollout failed. no relation for /content/franchisee-gr/el_GR/jcr:content found. Error during roll-out.
java.lang.NullPointerException: null
at$RolloutSettings.fromRelationship( []

Error during rolloutError during rollout

In MSM control center, it still shows as detached with blue color, when I view relation ship details it shows it points to correct blueprint. 

MSM control center relationship detailsMSM control center relationship details





I have the same problem, 

I have two blueprints 

/content/enterprise_blueprint/en_US with one of the   /content/franchisee-au/en_US  live copy, there are others as well. This was detached, I applied the settings as you mentioned. I am able to see this live copy attached to blueprint

/content/enterprise_blueprint/el_GR with only one live copy /content/franchisee-gr/el_GR. This is detached, I applied the settings as you mentioned. I am still unable to see this live copy attached to blueprint

live copy au/en_USlive copy au/en_USlive copy gr/el_GRlive copy gr/el_GR

Are there any other settings that need to be change to make el_GR attached to its blueprint?