Cannot access design id using ${} in AEM 6.5.



We are currently upgrading AEM instance from 6.1 to 6.5. While going through the adobe documents for repository restructuring, it is mentioned to move the existing designs from "/etc/designs/" to "/apps/settings/wcm/designs".

When the designs are under "/etc/designs" we were able to access the design name via ${} in html code. But when the designs are moved under "/apps" or "/libs" the ${} returns the entire path of the design. 

For example, lets say my design name is "page_design". When i reference it from /etc path, ${} returns "page_design". But i reference it from "/apps"or "/libs"  it returns "/apps/settings/wcm/designs/page_design".

Is it the working behaviour of the AEM 6.5 or did i miss anything in the process ?

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