Can you hide classic templates in touch?



Is there a way to prevent certain templates from showing up while in Touch UI, yet remain available while in the Classic UI?

We have been working on moving from classic to touch. We have only enabled some of our templates to work in Touch UI. Some of them will remain only workable in Classic, so we do not want them to show up in Touch.

Thank you.

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Accepted Solutions (1)



No, you can not restrict them. because when we create a template we specify the allowed path property.

so we put it /content. it means under the content create a page using a template. but it doesn't mean having touch UI or classic UI.

better to rename it and put classic UI after title so it will be understood by the author while creating pages.

~ Prince

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Answers (1)



Have you started building Editable Templates - as discussed here: 

Adobe Experience Manager Help | Creating an Adobe Experience Manager 6.4 website using Editable Temp...

Using Editable Templates in AEM 6.4 reflects best practice. Also - Classic UI (and static templates built using Classic UI) will not show up in the Editable Template UI.

So when following best practice - the old Static Templates will not show up in the Template view -- which displays Editable Templates.

If you want more information on Editabel Templates - watch these short videos in order:

Scott's Digital Community: Guided Journey for Experience Manager on Editable Templates

Hope this helps...