Can we use the Archetype 22 for AEM version 6.4.2?



Currently, we are in 6.4.2, and we are adding a new repo to the instance. We are planning for the AEM instance upgrade to 6.4.6 or .8 in the future( not yet decided for timeline). After building the project, we intended to all core components( because every archetype tied with diff versions- archetype 22 comes with 2.7.0 and my env using 2.5.0) dependencies from the code.

when i compare 2 pom.xml's, archetype 22 is creating extra all folder in the structure and below are the few differences present in remaining pom.xml files-




Can we use archetype 22?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi @ramaem12

The Maven Archetype version has very little to do with the AEM version. The only critical elements are:

Here are the requirements for the 22 version:



The latest version of the archetype has the following requirements:

  • Adobe Experience Manager or higher
  • Apache Maven (3.3.9 or newer)
  • Adobe Public Maven Repository in maven settings, see Knowledge Base article for details.

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To be on the safe side you can see a list of supported AEM versions of historical archetype versions: