Can we roll back our AEM instance service pack?



Currently, I am in 6.4.6 and the client AEM environment version in 6.4.2. is there any way I can roll back my instance to match the environment version?
Can we install a 6.4.2 patch in 6.4.6 instance? I tried it is not up and running?
I can build from 6.4.0 and sp2 patch to it, but my current instance has many content and other dependencies.
Please advice.

6.4 6.4.2 6.4.6 service packs

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Uninstalling SPs and CFPs is unsupported. However, if you must revert it and do not have a backup, try this:

1. Backup your AEM instance

2. Package up the /libs folder from another working environment and installing it to the post-CFP environment.  Note that you must also make sure to package and install the ACLs from the /libs folder as well (that can be done with the ACS Commons Query Packager).

3. Allow the packages to fully install and all bundles to restart, then restart AEM.


The following article may be helpful:

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