Can we connect private AD to AEM [AMS] for LDAP Authentication

JanAsif 02-08-2019

Dear Colleagues,

Will you able to help me on the below scenario?

AEM (AMS) will be able to connect Private AD (Active Directory) using LDAP Connection?

Our AEM 6.3.3 has been hosted with AMS which is in External NW & Active Directory (AD) of Private Organization which has been hosted in Private NW.

Can we able to establish the connection from Adobe AMS to Private NW? As we are looking for LDAP Connection.

As of now, we are using SAML for authentication approach and it’s working with create, update not delete option. Again, if we deleted the users from AD (Active Directory), the user profile will stay remains until next time the same user/person try to login via SAML into AEM.

Can you help me out with any possibilities?

Looking for AEM Versions 6.3.3 & 6.4

Kind Best,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


Hi Jan,

I guess this is more a question of network connectivity and security on the AD side. You should talk to both the network people in your company and the owners of the AD on one hand side, and to your CSE on the other hand side. There should be options to enable a site-to-site VPN connection between the corporate network and the AEM instance(s) inside Adobe Managed Services.

But your CSE you should be your first point of contact for this.

Answers (3)

Answers (3)

JanAsif 05-08-2019

Hi Joerg,

Thank you so much!! I was looking for one of the above solution which was mentioned by you.

Sure. we will check with CSE on the same. Thank you once again.

JanAsif 04-08-2019

Hi Hami,

Thanks for your reply, we have already implemented the same methodology as per the helpx which was mentioned above.

Right now, we are facing some issue like as we are unable to connect Private AD (Active Directory) which is there in Corporate NW & AEM AMS which is there in Azure NW. Due to some security policy AD Team has restricted the external entry to connect AMS.

Was it possible to implement in any other way ? Can you advise on this?