Can't trigger Request for Activation workflow for assets




I want to trigger Request for Activation workflow for products. I have removed activation permission for "author" user under /etc/commerce/products/xxx. Now when i navigate to product tree, choose and product and use Publish action, publish wizard is triggered and i can see, product and its references for publishing. However when i hit "Request Publication" button, nothing happens. When i look into browser console, i am getting a HTTP 400 response code for POST request to /etc/workflow/instances. I see following as Form data

  1. model:/etc/workflow/models/request_for_activation/jcr:content/model
  2. absoluteTime:1507795978622
  3. startComment:
  4. payload:/content/dam/xxx/fashion/men/clothing/jackets/the-trucker-jacket-back-product_340x340.jpg
  5. payload:/content/dam/xxx/fashion/men/clothing/jackets/the-trucker-jacket-backtop-product_340x340.jpg
  6. payload:/content/dam/xxx/fashion/men/clothing/jackets/the-trucker-jacket-product_340x340.jpg
  7. payload:/content/dam/xxx/fashion/men/clothing/jackets/the-trucker-jacket-sideleft-product_340x340.jpg
  8. payload:/etc/commerce/products/xxx/fashion/men/clothing/jackets/the_trucker_jacket
  9. payloadType:JCR_PATH

This works for Pages when i use activate page action in Classic UI, however in TouchUI, Publish button is hidden for the page if user does not have Activation permission.

Has someone seen this behavior before and tell me what is going on.