can't convert entire excel into pdf

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I have resolve this problem. We set wrong option on creo view adapter that convert office file by office not by AME. And the AME 6.3 should run on Windows 2012

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I am running out of suggestions... I am geussing to post the same question in the PTC online support forum:

PTC eSupport Help Discussions - PTC Community

Or create a customer PTC account to get access to the missing convertor tools and troublshooting guides.

I am inclined to believe, that if you  cannot change the convertor tools and is locking you only to support AME, you might need to get a Customer Account  type (paid for).

In some of the guidelines quoted earlier in this thread I read that Lite and Express are limited in some aspects of the MS Office conversion to PDF tools that you need. (but I might be wrong), it could always be something else)



Please try first to upgrade to the latest service packs for your MS Office applications.

Then follow these tips:

Create PDFs from Microsoft Office |  This link may not  apply to your case since you are not using any Adobe PDF maker Add-ons in MS Office, however,  look at the image below and see if with the Creo View there is a similar setting when you try to execute the conversion from Excel to PDF process:

excel to pdf.png

Same thing here following these tips: 2 Easy Ways to Convert Excel to PDF - wikiHow  (shown in slide below but without using any Adobe PDF Maker Add-ons)

excel to pdf2.png

Lastly, check this particular link, I believe this may be the actual answer to your inquiry:

Excel Pages are Missing



Hi Is_rbls,

this happens with every MS Excel workbook. And we can export entire excel to pdf by MS Office itself, but by AME, it can't, even we checked the option "convert entire workbook" in the adminui page of AME. Unfortunately, the creo view adapter only supports AME, we can't change the convertor.



Also check this one more link:

Solved: Re: Export reports Microsoft Excel - Page 2 - PTC Community

in reference to the screenshot you provided:

excel to pdf3.png

Identify the Clent/Server version that you're using and try to download of the pdf guide provided in the link above:

You may need an account to download the PDF guide from this link:



HI Is_rbls,

thanks for your help very much!!

I don't know what's the type of PTC account, for the usage of creo view doesn't require any account.

We use the creo view lite.

the Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is installed using the installation media provided with the Adobe Experience Manager.

we user the "administrator" account of AEM, that's registered while installing the AEM. And we user the license file provided by PTC to active the AEM.

we installed the Adobe Acrobat before AEM, and doesn't over an older version.

we using the Creo Adapter configuration directory from native driver.

The AEM is actived already, and we can convert any office files to pdf successfully by Creo view adapter. but the only problem is that only one sheet of the excel file can be converted to pdf file, other sheets are missing.




I am new to this but as I was researching afew things I have to ask:

What type of PTC account are you using ? Does  your PTC account need to be upgraded from Basic to Customer to get access to other conversion tools or a full list? Are you using creo view lite or view express?

Has the PTC License Server been updated as well? Was the Adobe Acrobat Pro DC installed using a download link or using the installation media provided with the Adobe Experience Manager?

Is the user account that you are using registered under  the Admin user credentials for native PDF conversion and completed the Microsoft Software Activation Procedure before installing the Adobe Experience Manager?

Can you tell if  your Adobe Acrobat installed over an older version of Acrobat DC or was the Adobe Acrobat Pro DC automatically updated in any way before the the AEM was completed?

Did you installed a PTC license server before the Creo View was installed?

from what I am reading here Adobe Experience Manager Help | Supported Platforms for AEM Forms on JEE  a MS Windows 2012 server is supported on JEE in environments and more. While from reading the PTC installation Guide and System requirements here Creo View Help Center a certain order for the installation steps must be followed, plus It also declares that PTC only supports Windows  server 2016



I have convert excel to pdf by PTC creo view adapter which integrate the AEM as pdf convertor.


the OS is windows 2012 an the Office is 2016, there isn't any PDF Maker Add-ins




Can you provide a screenshot and a more thoruogh description of the process you were trying to achieve?

And please include with your reply  the Operating System and version, the MS Office applications you are using and version(s),  and if there are any PDF Maker Add-ins installed with your MS Office products.